Reframing DeafBlind Awareness Month - Diverse DeafBlind Narratives Panel


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Our panelists will be sharing their personal journeys to finding their identity, discussing barriers, diversity, and equal opprotunities.


This workshop will be conducted in American Sign Language on Zoom. There will be captioning and voice interpreting. Each person's turn speaking will have them spotlighted. There are 3 rooms for this workshop. Any additional accomodations you may need, please contact us.

Access Room

  • Certified/ Deaf Interpreter (C/DI) Spotlighted
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  • Captioning through Google Doc
  • Self guided at your own pace
  • Braille accessible
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  • Watch the Panel through Youtube
  • Closed Captioning
  • Voice Interpreting
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Panel Moderators

This panel workshop will be factilated by:

Marc Safman

Image Description: a clean shaven middle aged black man with short curly hair, smiling, looking directly into camera. Wearing a grey suit, pale green button down dress shirt. Tie is bold light blue with yellow stripe patterns. Glasse are brown dark light brown with blue speck pattern. There is a pink rose boutonniere with grren leaf and small white flowers over breast pocket. White background.

Jason Corning

Image Description:


This panel workshop will feature the following panelists:

Loni Friedman

Image Description: a black and white picture of a white Deaf female with short blonde hair and has a nose ring. She has dark lip color and is wearing a black shirt with a moon necklace. She is leaning back a little and looking at the camera.

Ashlea Hayes

Image Description: close up photo of Ashlea, light-skinned black woman wearing a black head wrap, knot tied to the front, she has on thick black rimmed glasses a nose ring, and red lips. She has on a blue denim shirt opened in the front, over a black jumpsuit. Her right arm is crossed in front of her and her head rests on the left hand. She smiles slightly.

Lucia Fredes

Image Description: A White Deaf female with green eyes with short dark brown hair smiling. She wears a black T-shirt, a necklace with a white diamond, and earrings with colorful balls.

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