"Feeling Through" Community Discussion with Film Director Doug Rolan

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The DeafBlind Community and Allies will be discussing the short film "Feeling Through" and sharing their feelings, thoughts, and questions with film director Doug Roland.


This workshop will be conducted in American Sign Language on Zoom. There will be captioning and voice interpreting. Each person's turn speaking will have them spotlighted. There are 2 rooms for this workshop. Any additional accomodations you may need, please contact us.


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Panel Moderators

This panel workshop will be factilated by:

Roberto Cabrera

Image Description: Dominican guy in dark blue shirt buttoned up sitting in front of the very bright blue lake smiling at the camera

Sarah Morrison

Image Description: Up close picture of Sarah with a soft grin, and is without her glasses. She has short hair which is brushed to the side. She is wearing a black and gray houndstooth scarf and gray wool blazer. Taken outside as the trees and a garden wall are blurred out.


This panel workshop will feature the following panelists:

Doug Roland

Image Description: Doug with short brown hair and a light beard, wearing a light blue v neck shirt, in front of a black background.

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